Many years ago a friend gave us some home made soap. We tried it out and we were hooked. We already had goats and the idea of breeding them, enjoying the babies and learning to milk seemed like fun. In the beginning we bought milk from other farms and experimented with different recipes. We knew we wanted to create a natural soap that was gentle, well-lathering and smelled great. At first we had fun giving our soaps away to friends and family. Then we began selling soap in a few places in town and pretty soon our garage and then our barn were filled with racks of curing bars of fragrant soap. Customers asked us if we could make other all-natural products to go with our soap and soon the Elmore Mountain Farm line of all-natural body products was born.

Our Goal

Elmore Mountain Farm is committed to bringing you all natural products that are great for your skin and that make you smile. We try not to take ourselves too seriously but we are very serious about our products and committed to making sure that you are fully satisfied.