Farm Pics

Grouse eggs

Walking in our woods this afternoon we flushed a grouse only to find these.



Farley and Mo

Goat babies! - 2 weeks old

Vermont gold!

New sugarhouse

Bunny and the Dogs

Late afternoon ski at Elmore Mountain Farm

Halloween high dive

Blacky & Bunny

One day old!

Section 2 of the Catamount Trail

An old trail sign we found while skiing Section 2 of the Catamount Trail (


Our friend Tom working the sap line and raving about Elmore Mountain Farm hand balm.

Next to Christmas trees and chrysanthemums, pumpkins are the goats' favorite seasonal treat.


Motherlode of chaga found on Breadloaf Mountain - Chaga is a fungus that can be grated or chopped and steeped in water to make a great tea that's also really good for you.

hummingbird nest

After entertaining us for the whole summer, the hummingbirds have headed south. The nest is about 2-3" in diameter.

Hiking to Beaver Meadow with the dogs.

Mushrooms on Sterling Ridge

Prouty, Fudge, Ollie and Calvin

Hiking with the dogs on Sterling Ridge

Not a great year for the garden with all the rain, but the onions and garlic did fine.

Late summer sunflowers

Bunny and her Bees

Bunny capturing a bee swarm


Hansel on the jungle gym

Helen, Lucy, Hansel, Gretel and Clarise

Goat Jungle Gym

Will Guy and Coda

Bringing in the hay....winter will be here before we know it.


Coda - 13 years old and stone deaf...but still smiling


3 days old!



Violas growing wild on the terrace outside the soap shop

Calvin and Prouty

Elmore Mountain Farm Shipping Department

Free range chicken anyone?

Happy Halloween from Elmore Mountain Farm

Rudy and Bunny

Rudolph 2005 - 2011: Rudolph, our 250 lb. wether (neutered male goat) died the other day after a brief illness. Rudy was the first goat born on Elmore Mountain Farm and was so small and sickly we had to feed him through a tube for the first week. He was both a big baby and a great babysitter, shaking whenever we had to trim his hooves but always willing to look after and protect the newborn kids that arrive at the farm each spring. We'll miss the way he used to peer over the pen at feeding time (the only one tall enough to see over), the way he liked to have his head scratched and how much he loved banana peels. Rudy had many friends, both 4-footed and 2-footed, and he will be sorely missed by all.

New Tenant!

Sunset over Mt. Mansfield

Waiting for hurricane Irene - the calm before the storm


21st century meets 18th century! Ben the work horse pulling cable for Fairpoint Communications. Apparently the horse can get places their equipment can't! Finally, we will have high speed internet

Spring apple blossoms at Elmore Mountain Farm

Bunny and Babies

Clarise's babies - 1 week old!

Bunny, Clarise and new baby

Less than an hour old!

The Barn

Table Scraps

Nothing but the best for our goats: We used to throw our table scraps on the compost pile, but now we "double process" them by feeding them to our goats. Rotting celery with last night's refried beans anyone?

Rufus and Angus

Brotherly Love

Barn Angles


Goat Jungle Gym

Late April Snow at Elmore Mountain Farm

Eating Apples

Eating Apples

Coda and Prouty

Catching Rays

Elmore Mountain Farm's state-of-the-art shipping system


Nice horns!


On the inside looking out


1 week old!


First day out of the barn!


Raspberry picking


What's for breakfast?


Pregnant mama

Elmore Mountain Farm

Calm before the storm


Hiking on Elmore Mountain


Guarding the nest.

Maple and Willow

Christmastime at Elmore Mountain Farm

Polly and Blacky

New best friends

Scooter and Waddles

Scooter and Waddles at Ogden's Mill Farm with their new friends


"You don't say?"

The Beekeeper


Elmore Mountain Farm

Spring morning


The Foreman

Wheat Thin

2 weeks old!


What do you mean, I need a haircut?

Sadie and Coda

Trying to decide whether to take a nap or go for a swim

Rudy and Clarise with Helen

Race Ya!

Lucy and Genny

What do you think they're talking about?



Wheat Thin and Blacky

New Arrivals!




Our bearded lady!


Hanging out

Elmore Mountain Farm

Elmore Mountain Farm sunset